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CBS 8 DTV Transition: February 18, 2009
5 Things You Need to Know: 

1) KFMB has ceased analog over-the-air broadcasting. Cable & satellite are OK.

2. To receive our digital signal, you must have a digital ready TV or use a DTV converter box.

3. Converter boxes can be purchased at local retailers or online.

4. You need to rescan to acquire our digital signal. Follow manufacturers' instructions for setup.

5. Antenna must receive VHF & UHF. You may need an outdoor antenna.

KFMB-TV, along with three other stations in the San Diego area, has ceased analog broadcasting.

In order to receive our Over-the-Air signal, you must have a digital ready television, or use a DTV converter box along with an antenna.

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Digital converter boxes can be purchased from local retailers, or on-line.

If you have purchased a digital converter box or digital television and are having problems receiving KFMB-DT over the air, you need to be aware of the following: 

First please follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for your converter box or digital television, and rescan to acquire our digital signal. The procedure should be located in the user's manual under "setup" or installation.

Our digital signal is broadcast on V-H-F Channel 8. Channel 10's signal is broadcast on VHF Channel 10.  All other stations in the San Diego area, are broadcasting their digital signals on UHF channels.

You need to confirm that your antenna is capable of receiving VHF signals in addition to UHF.

In some areas of San Diego indoor rabbit ear antennas will not receive an adequate digital signal. The signal may also be blocked due to the construction of your home. You may need to move your indoor antenna close to a window in order to receive an adequate signal.

Our transmitter is located above La Jolla on Mount Soledad. Orient the antenna so that it is pointing toward Mt. Soledad. Adjust the antenna, and then wait about a minute. It takes time for the receiver to lock and decode the digital signal. Try this several times with the antenna is several different directions.

If, after taking these steps, you are not able to receive our signal, you may be required to install an outdoor antenna. If you believe you need an outdoor antenna please contact a television service professional. You can locate one in the yellow pages under Television Repair. 


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