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Crimefighting K9 Recovering Well From Stabbing

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He risked his own life to try and save a woman being attacked by her husband. Earp the police dog took a knife to the throat, but he continues to make a recovery that his partner calls "miraculous."

He was just minutes from death 6 days ago, but today Earp the police dog is already well on his way to making a full recovery.

Sgt. Jess Havin will never forget last Friday. He and Earp showed up at this Paradise Hills home, hoping to save Gail Bradley's life. But her husband stabbed her death and then turned his knife on Earp.

"Once I realized the dog was stabbed, another sergeant called over to me and said he's bleeding very badly," Sgt. Harvin said.

Sergeant Havin scooped up his bloody partner and raced him to the animal hospital with lights flashing and siren blaring. Is that against the rules?

"I haven't found one that says you can run code 3 yet, but I did it, and I'll do it again," Sgt. Harvin said.

Sergeant Havin says Earp couldn't stand when they got to the hospital and appeared to be slipping in and out of consciousness. Would his partner the past 4 and a half years make it?

"Walking into the vet office and carrying the dog, I didn't think so. He looked pretty bad," he said.

It took Sergeant Havin 6 minutes to get Earp to the vet. The doctor says 4 more minutes and Earp would have died.

"At one point on the operating table he gave him a 10 percent chance," Sgt. Harvin said.

Earp underwent surgery, got a lot of blood, and much to everyone's surprise walked out of the animal hospital hours later on his own.

Earp still isn't allowed to run or do any of the other things he loves, but he's alive. Sergeant. Havin is thankful for that, but admits it's a bittersweet feeling because they couldn't save Gail.

"It is very tragic we didn't fulfill our goal of going in the place, yeah, it's upsetting," he said.

So what's Earp's future? In the short term Sgt. Havin is hoping Earp will be able to go out in the field again, but long term he says Earp will be coming home with him to retire as a family pet.

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