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Tesla Electric Car Outguns Gas-Powered Competitors

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Although the record pace to get an electric or hybrid car has slowed dramatically since gas prices have gone back down, there are some who still believe the only solution is electric. One Encinitas man is cutting his ties to oil and even cutting the cost of his electric bill with his electric car.

Zero to 60 in under four seconds and sounding like a jet plane, the $109,000 electric sports car made by Tesla is truly about the quietest thing you'll ever hear. Rob Wilder got his Tesla roadster last month, and says it's his goal to pus his entire family to do the same.

"My kids my wife and I want to only have electrics," Wilder said.

With electricity costs of about $4 per 240 miles compared to around $30 in gas in a regular car, Wilder says it just makes sense.

"It's not slow like a gasoline car, it doesn't require all the maintenance of a gasoline car," Wilder said.

With nothing under the hood to mess with and two gears if you include reverse, the only thing you have to worry about with the car is where you plug it in. It's something Rob has already figured out.

"It's the light that lands on my roof that powers my car," he said.

With solar panels and time-of-use technology from SDG&E, he charges it at practically no cost.

"It may charge me 18 cents per Kilowatt hour at night. During the day I get 30 cents a kilowatt hour rate and that's good because I'm making electricity," Wilder said.

Despite the high price tag for the car, Wilder says it's a step forward in releasing the grip oil companies have on drivers.

While Rob has the roadster, the manufacturer is keeping families in mind, with future versions that will feature four doors and a seven-passenger capacity.

There's some good news when it comes to the cost as well. The Tesla model S will have a less expensive price tag of around $50,000.

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