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Gann Talks With News 8 About Stepfather's Murder

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Nathaniel Gann could spend the rest of his life behind bars, but he says it's for a crime he didn't commit.  Despite separate juries convicting him and his sister of killing their stepfather Timothy MacNeil, Gann says the jurors got it all wrong.  Gann will be heading to prison any day now, but Monday he is still at the county jail downtown where he agreed to a one-on-one interview with News 8.

"I prepared myself over the last two years this could happen. This could happen. This could happen," said Nathaniel Gann.

Nathaniel Gann, convicted of murder by a jury, still says he didn't do it - didn't kill his stepdad Timothy McNeil. But what about his sister Brae Hansen?

Gann: "It looks really bad, but I can't pass judgment on my sister like that. I can't do it."

Hanson - also convicted of murder - by a separate jury in the same trial. A trial Gann calls unfair.

Gann: "How can you have a fair trial when my attorney has to act like a prosecutor against my sister and my sister's attorney has to act like a prosecutor against me."

Gann spoke to News 8 in an exclusive interview through the glass at the county jail.

Gann: "I'm completely innocent.

No questions off limits, but he declined to answer why - if he didn't do it - he has no alibi.

Gann: "I can't even talk about that day, really. All I can talk about is what the testimony was."

MacNeil was shot and killed in his home. Prosecutors say Hansen was the mastermind out of anger, because MacNeil was getting ready to kick her out of the house.

But Gann says that's ridiculous.

Gann: "She was already in the process of moving in with my dad. She moved her stuff over, her computer, clothes, hygiene. She was spending more time with our biological father."

Prosecutors say Gann's motive was greed. Hansen stood to inherit money with MacNeil dead - money she'd share with her brother.

Gann: "I miss Tim. I wish he was still around."

Gann didn't have much to say about his stepdad, but did talk quite a bit about his sister who is not doing well psychologically since her sentencing Friday.

"Well, I hope she knows I lover her very much and that I hope she doesn't do anything stupid."

Hansen was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Gann received 25 years to life in prison.

Gann: "I'm not afraid to die. My perspective is I'm kind of anxious to die."

Gann also told News 8 that he was willing to accept a package plea deal before the convictions that guaranteed he and his sister got a punishment no worse than 25 years to life in prison.

Gann: "She didn't want to do it, and I said, Brae, I'm making a big sacrifice for you, and she didn't understand. She felt she was going to go home."

Prosecutors pointed to anger and greed as possible motives for the crime, but Gann calls that ridiculous.

Gann: "There's no motive? Not that I know of."

Gann declined to answer any questions about his whereabouts the day MacNeil was killed. And he didn't have a lot to say about his stepdad, but he did talk quite a bit about his time in jail - a place he calls not so bad.

Gann: "I started writing some poetry, just to see how I can do and it's gotten better."

Gann also told News 8 that he was jumped once in prison by three inmates, but wasn't seriously injured.

Next for Gann - he says he's planning an appeal and he's headed off to prison, although he's doesn't know where or when yet.

Gann tells News 8 he is actually looking forward to prison, because he says he'll have more luxuries available to him, including a typewriter, a television and a radio.

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