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That Clicking Sound

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Ever notice a clicking sound coming from your knee when you climb a flight of stairs? I've had it for a few weeks now and am hoping it will go away soon. I'm not too worried because, from what I've read on several medical websites, it's probably the result of a slight injury and, if there's no pain associated with it, it will probably go away on its own. So now I have to own up to what probably caused it. I was carrying a flat of bottled water to my office a few weeks ago when I got the big toe on my right foot caught in the strap of the shoe on my left foot. This effectively tied up both feet and I landed on my knees... still holding on to the water! In hind sight, I'm lucky I didn't do a complete face plant and take out my nose. Anyway, I'm taking it easy on the treadmill for now... no more than five miles at a time... and icing it in the evening. Sore muscles and joints love ice!

Issue number two. This was the week I had planned to order my new shoes online (since I can't find a store that has the particular model I want in stock). However, those plans have been put on hold for a few days in the wake of a call from the fraud division of my credit card company asking if I had just made a large purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond... in Baltimore, Maryland! Long story short, someone is trying to use my credit card number. So I had to slice up my card and am waiting for a new one. Not a big deal. Still almost two months to go before the walk and a good four weeks is usually enough time for me to really break in a pair of shoes. Breaking them in is important. DON'T BUY YOUR SHOES RIGHT BEFORE THE WALK!!! They should feel like an old friend with no issue by the time the sun rises on the opening ceremonies.

If you're a first time walker, let me describe the opening ceremonies in one word. Magic. We meet in the early hours of the morning, still in darkness, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. As the teams show up, many in wild, colorful costumes with funny, breast-related themes, the mood starts to build. It is one of excitement, anticipation and celebration. The formal part of the ceremonies are usually timed to begin as the sun rises. It is right about then that the magnitude of the event, the importance of the effort and the overall spirit of life that may have taken a back seat in your day to day routine... hits you. Strangers smile at each other, some tears are shed and an incredible sense of family forms among the five thousand plus as the take the first steps in what will become a life altering experience.

So, as I sitting here tapping the keys of my laptop, waiting for my new credit card and icing my less than youthful knee, I smile... feeling truly blessed that I am once again preparing to embark on this special journey. Suddenly that clicking sound isn't bothering me as much.
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