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Ten And Counting...

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Sore. That sums up how I'm feeling tonight. My feet, especially my toes, and my leg in general. Even my lower back's a bit achy. But it's to be expected because I tested myself today and, all things considered, did pretty well.

I took the last few days off from training after going home from work with a mild fever on Thursday night. No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Swine Flu and yes, everyone who knew I wasn't feeling well suggested it was. And after sleeping away most of the last two days I woke up feeling good. After a good breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with a couple of spoonfuls of flax seed oil and some weird liquid supplements I've convinced myself make me feel young and peppy... I knew a day at the gym was a must. So I put on my most comfortable running clothes and my new shoes (which I've only worn three times at this point and really need to be broken in) and headed out the door.

Training for the Three Day at the gym is a funny experience. I got there just after noon, found a treadmill, plugged in my headphones and started off at a nice easy pace. After a mile or two I like to begin to increase the incline, bit by bit, until I reach the maximum. I like to keep it there for half a mile to a mile then slowly decrease it. This gets you good and warm and, if you're like me, makes you feel more than ready to run the next mile. It's also good training for this event because the Three Day course includes a couple of fairly impressive climbs... including the magnificent Torrey Pines just before the halfway make on day one. It's important to make sure hills are part of your training. They make you use different muscles and put pressure on different parts of your feet and joints and regular walking.

Anyway, back to my original point... the funny experience. For me to get in ten miles I find myself on the treadmill for a couples of hours or more. This has people coming and going on the equipment beside me until I finally step off and find myself nearly alone in the room. The odd person still there on the weight equipment often gives me a look like they can't quite figure out my workout. Who just comes to the gym and does the treadmill for a few hours? After I stretch and my body starts to cool down I like to put on a long sleeved cotton t-shirt. My favorite is the shirt from the last Three Day Walk. When I put it on today a man who had been stretching next to me smiled. I guess he saw the writing on the back and my excessive walking routine made sense.

For me, the shirt is a source of pride. I feel good about myself every time I put it on... not just because I've completed the 60 miles... but because I took part in something with such an impact. I am only a small part of that impact... one of thousands who will walk again this year to make a difference. And that's just it. We are making a difference... turning sore feet, achy joints and blisters into hope. So I guess when someone asks me tomorrow what I did this weekend... my answer will be "not much, but it was great!"
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