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Power shift: SDG&E bills suddenly a lot lower

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You could be in for a big surprise when you open your SDG&E bill. Instead of seeing your "amount due" go up, many people are seeing a serious price drop.

The American dollar is the cornerstone of survival, especially if you want to keep the lights on. But this month, keeping the lights on won't cost as much as last month for many SDF&E customers.

"Customers will see a credit on their October bill of anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars," SDG&E spokesperson Denise King said.

SDG&E is giving 60 percent of its customers a refund from paying more than what it cost to create the electricity in the first place.

"And those customers who use a lot of energy are going to a lot larger credits than those that use very little energy," King said.

For Michael Flores, the refund will help, no matter if it's a few bucks or a couple hundred.

"That would be great really," he said.

You may be asking yourself, how can I tell whether or not I received the credit? Grab your October SDG&E bill. Right below where you see the charge for total electric charges, drop down and you're going to see the electric procurement bill credit.

"We normally would return over a 12 month period, but thought better let's give it back in a lump sum and I think our customers will be happy," King said.

You can actually thank lower natural gas prices in giving this money to you.

Last year SDG&E estimated what the costs were going to be for the year, but that estimate ended up being too high, thus the refunds now.

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