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Day Two

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It was a cloudy start to the day but no wet stuff. I rolled into camp a little late this morning and didn't get walking until about 7:45 a.m., which is late by 3 Day standards. On the second day there seems to be a strong desire to hit the pavement as early as organizers will allow. Those camping in the tents want to get going more than anyone... partly because they are cold and just want to get moving. I was one of the last to pass through the gates but I planned to make up for it.

I noticed a lot of limping and a much slower pace right from the start. The sore muscles were taking a toll and those dreaded blisters had the medical tents at each pit stop very busy. The route had us putting in almost 14 miles before lunch today and for the walkers moving at a slower pace it must have seemed like an eternity. But we all made it and after a few minutes of snacking on the grass in the sunshine at Bonita Cover the smiles and laughter were taking over.

Not long after lunch I caught up to Tommy. He had got an early start... about 6 a.m., because his feet were hurting and he figured he'd need the extra time. We had texted back and fourth and, I have to admit, I had made a lot of jokes about him being a wimp and letting a little blister slow him down. Well, I have to say, I take it all back. I found him at the first pit stop after lunch at the medical tent. Actually, the first thing I found was a group of people in red shirts all standing around a chair looking at something. When I got closer I realized they were looking at Tommy... or, more specifically, his feet. They were covered in blisters. And I mean COVERED. In fact, on one foot he has was the medical crew described as the biggest 3 Day blister they had ever seen. It covers at least a third of the bottom of his foot and, after getting a good look at it, I couldn't believe he was still walking. But he was... and made it clear he had no intention of stopping. So after a lot of bandaging and taping, we set off.

It seemed to take forever to cover those last few miles... not because of the pace, but because I knew he was in pain and, although I tried to make jokes and keep the mood light, every step was a challenge. When we crossed the finish line shortly after 3 p.m. I felt good. But I felt even better for Tommy because he had finished the second day and could now rest up. I'm hoping tomorrow is easier for him.

Before I sign off I want to thank all the San Diegans who once again came out and cheered us on... including the ladies with the shot glasses of pink beer, the woman with a large Tupperware container of home baked treats she brought to lunch and handed out to the walkers (so sweet!) and the gals along South Mission who invite walkers onto their beautiful patio for a little drink and a few laughs. I've made that stop a yearly tradition.

To the girl scouts who set up tents on the first night then help during dinner with everything from getting beverages for the walkers to offering to carry our food trays... thank-you for showing us how truly lovely young people can be (and thank-you to their parents for getting them involved in something so special).

Now it's time to sign off as I sit on the couch with m y 6-year-old son watching I-Carly and catching up on some much needed cuddling. It's been a great experience again and I wish everyone a truly amazing Day 3!

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