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He had it all, why wasn't it enough?

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - Tiger Woods seemed to have the perfect life, so why would he risk so much? His life seemed to veer off-track shortly after his dad's death, but did that play a role in his extra-marital affairs? News 8 talked to two local psychiatrists for some insight.

He's the number one golfer in the world and seemed to have the perfect family and more money than anyone could possibly spend in a lifetime.

"It just shows you, you can have all the money in the world, fame, and power and that doesn't bring happiness," psychiatrist Dr. Michael Lardon said.

Doctor Lardon specializes in sports psychiatry and has several pro golfers as clients. He's seen it before - athletes handed millions of dollars and fame at a very early age, growing up sheltered from reality and then not ready to handle the pressures of adult life.

"You might be the best golfer in the world, but that doesn't make you a mature, responsible husband," Dr. Lardon said.

If you believe the timing of Jaimee Grubbs's story, her affair with Tiger started less than a year after the death of his father.

Earl Woods was Tiger's best friend and kept a close eye on his son. Tiger said just last year, "He always had my back. If I failed, I could always come home to love."

"Maybe he was having marital issues, maybe tempted in some way, and his dad might have been there to provide him with structure and some support along those lines," psychiatrist Dr. Philip Botkiss said.

But Dr. Botkiss does not believe Tiger's actions are simply the golfer acting out because of his dad's death. Instead he thinks Tiger's problem is professional athlete syndrome.

"He can do almost anything on the golf course. We've seen that and appreciate that. Sometimes that spills to private life - you think the same rules apply, when the reality is they don't," Dr. Botkiss said.

Both of the psychiatrists we spoke with say in the end it comes down to who you hang out with, and Tiger's close inner circle of friends should have warned him that he was heading down a dangerous path. Then again maybe they did, and he wouldn't listen.

"He's a human being and hopefully he gets it together," Dr. Botkiss said.

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