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Reminder to kids: Always try to run from abductors

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - It's advice kids hear all the time: don't talk to strangers. But some self-defense experts think not enough kids are getting an equally important message: do everything you can to run if you're in trouble.

Former San Diego Police Sgt. Sanford Strong says you have to teach your kids to fight hard right from the start to make sure their attacker doesn't take your child to another location.

"Count on this, you will never go to a more public place when he moves you. It's to an isolated spot. Who's going to hear? Who's going to come to your aid?" Sgt. Strong said.

So right away, make noise, try to run and don't be afraid to fight. Know you're going to get hurt, but the pain you experience now is nothing compared to what's heading your way.

Statistics show the person you're dealing with is most likely on parole, you're not his first victim, and he's not just going to let you go.

"He's accustomed to hearing the begging, the pleading, he's accustomed to hearing the deals. So in some way you have to teach a child that won't change him," Sgt. Strong said.

If your child does end up in his car, the fight can't end there.

"Your child has one last chance at that point. Crash the car," Sgt. Strong said.

Strong's advice: gouge out his eyes.

"There is no way this man can stop a 12-, 13-, 14-year old boy or girl or let alone an adult woman from getting to his eyes," Sgt. Strong said.

The longer you wait, the less your chances of survival. Three out of every four kids killed by their abductor are murdered in the first three hours.

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