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Pup predictions: Do dogs know a quake is coming?

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - Although seismologists are still hopeful they'll be able to predict earthquakes within our lifetime, animal lovers say dogs have been doing it for years.

It seems as if dogs are always barking, so for centuries people have disagreed over whether they can predict earthquakes, but at the Helen Woodward Animal Center the staff says it saw what it saw.

"Certainly there was something going on," animal care technician Eliysha Loveless said.

Loveless is now a believer because moments before the earth began to shake, one of her staff members says a boxer named Kaya and some other dogs gave certain signals.

"The dogs' eyes got really wide and it started to happen," Loveless said.

Back in January, surveillance video caught a dog named Sophie in a Eureka, Calif. Office perk up her ears and take off running more than 10 seconds before a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit.

"They've got four paws on the ground. They are not wearing any shoes, so they can either sense it through the ground or they have great hearing," Loveless said.

Before the big Easter quake, dogs at "Club Pet" barked more than usual, but manager Ed Farrelly says before Wednesday's earthquake, it was very quiet.

"It's normally pretty noisy in here but just before the earthquake everything quieted down and you could hear a pin drop," Farrelly said.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it's nearly impossible to tell if a dog can predict an earthquake because they react to so many different things like being hungry and protecting their territory.

Dogs are not alone when it comes to strange behavior before earthquakes. Bees have been spotted leaving hives, birds become restless and some say cats have been known to find a good place to hide.

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