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A 3D spree

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - When it comes to entertainment in this country, those who either vie for attention on television or seek to sell us seats in theaters have always lived by the precept that "too much" is not enough. Despite the fact that many of us have a recessive voyeuristic gene, I think we've all seen enough reality television.

Reality TV has taught us that people who live along the New Jersey coast consume a lot of hairspray, which in turn has caused severe brain damage. From reality TV we've also learned that the quickest way to revive a fledgling career is not re-runs, it's rehab.

But peephole television has got to peter out. We already have TMI on too many losers. And now there's an alarming trend in entertainment -- the revival of the 3D movie. When "Avatar" hit the screen, it was revolutionary. Sure the plot was heavy-handed, but the special effects, enhanced by 3D, were stunning. It was state-of-the-art entertainment. But it opened the flood gates for dozens of lesser movies that have followed suit, for no other reason than to force us to fork over an additional $6.

The latest edition of "Cats & Dogs" is three-dimensional. Why? So we can experience the thrill of having a projectile hairball coughed up in our face. "Cats & Dogs" in 3D: the fur will fly, and so will the kitty litter.

And now, they're trying to sell us 3D TV at home. Frankly, I don't need freaky things jumping out of my television and into my living room. I've got relatives in town staying with me, so there already are freaks in my living room.

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