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Bed bugs extend their stay at some San Diego hotels

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - They're tiny, but they're pesky. Bed bugs are here in San Diego, and they're extending their stay at some local hotels.

Summer may be over, but the vacation hasn't ended for bed bugs. Experts say the nighttime biters are resurging at hotels, businesses and homes nationwide.

Just over the weekend, a Nike store in New York had to be closed after a massive infestation took over its 95,000-square-foot building.

With travel season nearly upon us, hotel staff in San Diego are trying to contain and kill the problem before it gets worse.

"What you do about it is you discard the mattress, all the bedding, you have the pest control company do that room, the room on each side of it and one room above and below it so that you're sure that you get any little creatures that could go room to room," Gaslamp Marriott General Manager Jim Durbin said.

Bed bugs have become such an issue that a website called lists hotels that are battling the blood-sucking critters. Posts made by hotel guests are often anonymous and not verified, but in San Diego alone, some 29 hotels and motels have been named, with some visitors reporting being bitten nearly a dozen times.

"It's not exclusive to a hotel. They can come in any place. Someone carries one into the environment, so it's one of those things that you really can't prevent from happening. You just have to be reactive to it once it does," Harbor Pest Control Vice President Bill Henselmeier said.

Henselmeier believes the problem is escalating because the parasites have become resistant to certain insecticides. While he maintains fumigation is the most effective way to kill them, he says the reality of the situation won't exactly help you sleep at night.

"The 50 years in the past are probably the only age where mankind is going to live without bed bugs. They're here, they're here to stay," Henselmeier said.

If you're wondering how much it will cost you to get rid of a bed bug problem, experts say it typically runs between $150 and $1,200, depending on the size of your home or hotel.

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