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To treat or not to treat, that's the trick question

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By News 8 Reporter Jeff Zevely

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Out of al the major holidays, Halloween is the only celebration that comes to homes and knocks on your front door, whether you like it or not. One couple talked to News 8's Jeff Zevely in disguise because they were too embarrassed to admit they prefer to skip the fun and take the night off.

Some people get into October 31, but what's wrong with the curmudgeons a few doors down?

Much like a fortress preparing for an enemy, the door will be shut and the light turned off. The couple that lives inside one San Diego house is hiding from Halloween.

They are empty nesters who will probably watch a movie on Sunday night inside their darkened home.

"We are wearing masks because we are a little embarrassed and we don't want our neighbors to know that we don't celebrate Halloween anymore," the wife said.

When their daughters were young, Halloween was huge in their household. And yes, they feel bad about burying their box of tricks and treats.

"A little guilty… I was big on Halloween," the wife said.

Their neighbors still are. Two doors down, Bob hands out candy because it's the neighborly thing to do.

"I think my wife gets a thrill out of it when they come and whatnot," Bob said.

And just down from Bob, Micah Mattson's always in the spirit. He doesn't even have children, but figures if he doesn't play long, "You could get egged, toilet-papered."

Funny thing is, the Frucella family, famous for going all out on Halloween, remembers our empty-nesters quite well.

"Well they just said he's a crazy man down there," Bob said.

"My husband was the man on Halloween. We had quite a reputation in this neighborhood," the wife said.

He was the guy who set up a meat market at the end of the creepy cul-de-sac.

"I wish they would come out of retirement and get back at it so I'd have some competition here in the neighborhood," Bob said.

That might just happen, because now that their girls are all grown up, the wife said, "I look forward to the day, you know, maybe grandkids and walking them around. That would be so cool… then we may reconsider setting it up all over again."

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