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New shoes

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Okay, so ordering my shoes online wasn't the best idea.  I got them a few weeks ago but knew right away the fit wasn't right.  They were too big.  I love to have my shoes half a size too big to avoid my toes touching the end (that kind of friction can lead to 3 Day Hell!).  But these were a full size too big and had to go back.  So I finally made the trip last night and exchanged them for a smaller pair.  Perfection!

First thing today I opened my new shoes and took out the insoles.  I don't care how much you pay for your shoes - chances are the insole is nothing more than a brightly colored piece of foam that won't offer much support.  Some people don't need it - but my arches scream for something more.  Last week I went to Sports Authority and picked up a set or orthotic insoles.  They are a combination of hard plastic and foam and make my shoes feel like they were made just for me.  If you feel there is anything lacking in the fit of your shoes - I highly recommend finding an insole that's right for you.  Some offer cushioning, other stability.  But, as I mentioned, the ones I always get mold to your feet and give wonderful arch support.

Next stop, they gym and a meeting of my new shoes and the treadmill.  I could have gone for a hike today but I opted to stay inside and get in a good mix of incline walking and straight running.  The new shoes passed the test with flying colors.  They are now my new best friends.

I'm still getting a little blistering around my toes and the front of my feet but, with each day, that skin is hardening and the blister phase is becoming a thing of the past.  Usually I would head straight for a pedicure or find something to scrape that unsightly stuff off - but for 3 Day preparation - it's a good thing.  Tough skin doesn't blister.  I've said it before in previous blogs but I just can't stress it enough.  When I'm waiting in the crowd at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the opening ceremonies - hearing some woman proudly tell another that she rewarded herself for all her hard training by treating herself to a pedicure - I cringe a little.  I know that there's a good chance she will be one of the many walkers lined up at the first aid tents at lunch getting something treated and/or taped up.  No pedicures!!!!!!!

On that note - I hope everyone's training has been going well and, with just over three weeks to go - I hope you're as excited about this year's walk as I am.  It's going to be great!
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