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Footage surfaces of LSD research on 1950s housewife

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(CBS 8) - It's a long-lost piece of TV footage that is raising eyebrows nearly six decades after it was first recorded. The footage shows a doctor giving a 1950s housewife LSD and studying the hallucinogenic drug's effects on the woman.

It was discovered by a biographer working on a new book about the effects of hallucinogens. We don't know who the woman is, but today her LSD trip video is a YouTube hit seen by over 500,000 viewers.

The unidentified woman appears to be a proper housewife volunteering for an experiment for a mid-1950s television show on mental health issues.

The scientist, Dr. Sydney Cohen, leaves the room for three hours and when he returns, he housewife appears to be high as a kite.

"What she describes is really consistent with what we might expect to hear from a person who might have ingested a hallucinogen," psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Botkiss said.

Botkiss can't say for sure if the video is real, but he knows the military was doing experiments with LSD in the 50s to see if there were any practical uses for the drug. That said, he makes it clear you would never see this type of experiment done today.

"You don't just have a person walk into your office and give then a substance and observe how they react to that," Botkiss said.

While it may seem ridiculous that LSD could have a positive medicinal value, Botkiss points out that GHB -- also known as the date rape drug -- is used today to treat certain sleep disorders.

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