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Something to bark about: 3 new official dog breeds

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LAKESIDE (CBS 8) - The American Kennel Club is the king of the canines, which is why the dog owners of three newly recognized breeds are rejoicing worldwide.

The American Kennel Club only recognizes 170 breeds, but now after years of waiting, they've been invited into that elite inner circle.

The AKC welcomes three new breeds to its growing family, starting with the Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-etz-queent-lee). Susan Lohner calls Calima and Evita her stubborn sweethearts.

"To me they're probably the most beautiful creature on earth," Susan said.

At 3,000 years old, they're one of the oldest and rarest breeds in the world. Calima and Evita are from the hairless strain and need to wear sweaters in the winter and sunscreen in the summer.

"We like to use all-organic sunscreen so there's no nasty products on them," Susan said.

Next up, say hello to the Norwegian Lundehund. Kelly Meuller drove down from Pasadena to introduce us to Sheltin and Mitch, two amazing rock climbers best known for their powerful paws.

"They have six claws, the fifth one actually has three joints in it, so it's almost like an opposable thumb," Kelly said.

Forth-five years ago, there were less than 10 Norwegian Lundehunds in existence, but thanks to careful breeding, their numbers are slowly returning.

"They certainly raise eyebrows. Everyone is so interested in what they are because there are so few of them around," Kelly said.

The third and final new AKC breed is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Jan Hill says it took nearly 10 years to get this breed recognized by the AKC. They're best known for herding cattle in the Swiss Alps.

"They are very intelligent and they have to have a job every day," Jan said.

She may be sweet on her dog Sugar, but Layla is her star, already the holder of several national titles, Jan admits there are aspirations for a possible Westminster championship.

"There could be," she said.

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