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San Diego Egyptians feeling angry and anxious

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By News 8 Reporter Steve Price

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Egyptians across the globe are keeping a close eye on what's going on in Cairo. Now that President Hosni Mubarak has handed over power to his vice president, Egyptians wait and wonder what happens next.

San Diegans watched the speech in disbelief.

"I was very disappointed, extremely disappointed. This is not what we're asking for, this is not what we want," San Diego resident Marwa Abdalla said.

Akram Hassanien was born and raised in Egypt and has been Facebooking with friends at Tahrir Square. He couldn't believe President Mubarak didn't announce he's stepping down.

"He still does not understand the people don't want him, and he's still having this arrogance with the people, dealing with the people," Akram said.

San Diegans say the people will win. They have to.

"The corruption has become worse and worse and worse," San Diego resident Walid Ibrahim said.

Walid says President Mubarak has made life miserable, all to support his own greed.

"You know what, it's a cake. You want to take a piece of cake. It's okay, you're our president, take a piece of cake, we don't mind. But don't take the whole cake and not even give them a piece, it's not fair," Walid said.

Walid has been following the days events on his computer at work. He grew up in Egypt and still has family there. He talked with them this morning.

"My sister and my mom, they're actually locked in the house. They can not really move out. They are staying there. They can not do anything," he said.

The people are running out of food, toiletries, essentials, and with Mubarak's stand Thursday there is no end in sight to the chaos.

"Banks are closed, people can't go to work. Basically the life of millions is depending on one person, and he still doesn't want to understand that," Akram said.

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