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San Diegans react to resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Egyptians around the world, including here in San Diego, celebrated President Mubarak's decision to step down Friday.

Twenty-four hours ago, San Diego Egyptians were angry that their president was going to stay in power, but now they are celebrating the big announcement that President Mubarak changed his mind overnight.

Mass celebrations erupted in Cairo and other Egyptian cities after the about-face by Mubarak, who announced to the world that he would stay in power following weeks of political protesting.

Marwa Abdalla says she's pleased those in her homeland were persistent in their call for a real transition to democracy.

"As disappointed as we were yesterday, that's how overjoyed we are today… we can finally take a real deep breath and say 'he's gone' and we're ready to start a new chapter.

"The bad guys have to go. It's time for the really good people of Egypt to stand up because they're the majority. The bad guys, they're the minority and they've been pulling up other bad guys with them," Marwa said.

Now that the Egyptian army is in charge, many local Egyptians are hoping they will fade away at some point and allow civilians to lead the nation.

"We are happy they have taken control of it, we're happy that they stepped in favor of the Egyptian people and we're hoping they will be there to make a peaceful transition and then go back to their primary job which is defending the country," Akram Hassanien said.

For those who have lived in America for many years, they truly believed that at some point Hosni Mubarak would have been toppled from his perch.

"We never lost hope, we never lost faith. From day one we knew this was going to happen and it was just a matter of time. Seventeen, 18 days and 300 martyrs, but we knew it was going to happen," Khaled El-Henawy said.

Some of the people we spoke to Friday said they would seriously think about going permanently back to Egypt to make sure there is a smooth transition.

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