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Freeway shootings: Are there any precautions worried drivers can take?

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The recent shootings on state Route 163 may have some drivers concerned about the possible dangers they face on the roads.

News 8 spoke to police and a local trauma doctor about what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Drivers across the county are tThe recent shootings on state Route 163 may have some drivers concerned about the possible dangers they face on the roads.rying to make sense out of Tuesday's freeway shootings. Jamie Roberts drives the 163 every day.

"It seems like people do crazy things, sometimes people shoot at people for fun," she said.

Mark Fickas doesn't know what he would do if someone started shooting at him.

"I don't have a gun, I don't carry a gun, so I couldn't shoot back, so I would have to call 911," he said.

San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown says that's just what you do. And remember, you may be the only witness to the crime, so pay attention to details.

"To be aware of the surroundings to make a not of where it happened, so when they do report it they can say exactly where it came from," Brown said.

Doctor Fred Simon, medical director of trauma at Scripps La Jolla says if you are shot, you could experience a sudden drop in blood pressure.

"So you'd want to pull over right away, you don't want to faint driving your car," Simon said.

Simon says grab whatever material you can get your hands on and stop the bleeding.

"If you had a shirt, take it off and put the shirt over it, push your fingers on it very tightly and that is the best you are going to do at that point in time," he said.

After applying pressure, call 911. If you're calling from a freeway in San Diego, an ambulance should arrive in 10 minutes or less along with police.

Whether the shots were fired randomly or on purpose, Mark Fickas is rooting for an arrest.

"This guy's got a beef, but to take it out on people on the freeway, that's just wrong," he said.

Doctor Simon told us more than 75,000 people are shot every year in America; 25,000 of those victims are shot accidentally. So who knows where we go from here, but it's possible this could have been an accident. Trauma surgeons have seen stranger stories.

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