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Tech no!

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - When it comes to new technology, Larry Himmel is definitely old school. That's why he's making some loud groans about his new cell phone.

It's the way of the world

For better or for worse.

A real boon for humankind

Or maybe just a curse.


With social networking

As how we interface,

Sharing our thoughts together

Somewhere in cyberspace.


In today's high-tech world

I'm just a low-tech guy.

Fingers too fat for keyboards

My texting skills are nye.


The lure of these new phones

Is really quite beguiling.

But I lean on my keypad

And do a lot of butt dialing.


I dial up a lot of people

I don't mean to everyday

Who sit there and listen in

To everything I say.


Accidently dial friends

And wake them from their nap.

I tell them it was an accident

They say I'm full of apps.


When I call my son at school

And I know what is next

He won't answer his phone

Cuz he just wants to text.


Why he never wants to talk

Is purely just conjecture.

This way he avoids my questions

And skips out on the lecture.


I will never be as wise

As any smartphone

Can't link up my Skype

Or download a ringtone.


I wouldn't know a widget

If it hit me in the seat.

Every time I try the camera

Another picture of my feet.


So I sit dazed and confused

In my cozy little hovel.

Try to find some directions

With instructions the size of a novel.


When my phone finally rings

I just start pushing buttons.

Where they go, I don't know

And I just end up nothing.


In this age of instant messaging

I'm just a Neanderthal.

In the era of quick communication

I continue to withdraw.


My hard drive's getting soft.

The e-mails full of spam.

My Facebook's showing wrinkles

I tweet, therefore I am.

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