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It was all fun and games until Playstation got hacked

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - It's being called one of the largest internet security break-ins ever. Now, tens of millions of Playstation users' personal information may be at risk after hackers broke into Sony's video game online network.

When News 8 editor Joel Matis tried to hit high speeds over his Playstation 3's internet connection last Thursday, he discovered Sony's whole network had crashed.

"I immediately thought there was something wrong with my system, so I rebooted it and tried it again, same thing, and finally fired up my computer, went to Google and Googled it and first thing that came up was 'Playstation network hacked'," Joel said.

70 million Playstation users are now getting this message when they try to log online: "Playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance." But the real story is that Playstation users have had their private information stolen by a hacker who cracked Sony's security.

"I'm not that surprised by anything online. It was built by a human, a human can get to it," Joel said.

Sony believes the hacker has customers' names, addresses, email addresses and birth dates. The company also admits credit card information may have been compromised.

"I used my debit card just a few weeks ago to download a game. My number is in their system now," KFMB employee John Boren said.

Boren works in our engineering department, and is understandably freaking out.

"Somebody can take all my money and drain my bank account, basically. That's what I'm worried about," he said.

John says he hasn't noticed any unauthorized charges yet, but is ready to close his account if that changes.

So what's driving the hacker to put Playstation users on edge? So far, there have been no arrests, but the timing is suspect. Sony Online Gaming in San Diego just laid off hundreds of employees a few weeks ago.

Sony says it has no idea when its network will be up and running again. For Joel it won't be soon enough.

"I'm going to stick with Sony. I'm gonna be honest with you, I've made my investment, I'll stick to it. I know they'll fix it, and I've got to believe they're doing everything in their power to make sure it doesn't happen again," Joel said.

Sony is taking a lot of heat over how long it took the company to notify its users that their credit card information may have been stolen. Sony issued a statement Wednesday saying the company didn't realize right away that information was at risk.

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