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Want to keep your job? Don't do any of these things

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(CBS 8) - Gainful employment is a precious commodity in this tough economy. If you have a job, you're going to want to do whatever you can to keep it, but some of your subtle behavior in the office can be enough to earn a pink slip.

While it may not be fair, there are a whole host of reasons beyond your job performance that can get you axed at work, or at least raise some red flags, from your personal hygiene to who you choose to hang out with at work.

One of the most time-tested ways of getting yourself fired is becoming conveniently sick a little too often, especially on Monday mornings, or when you do show up to work, being a little too lax with the hygiene -- something a thoughtful co-worker might clue you in to. Experts say those workers with a reputation for being disgusting are often the first to be downsized.

Another quick way to earn a pink slip: lie on your job application. Even if it's not caught the first time, your resume could be reviewed again somewhere down the road.

Also a surefire way to get fired is taking credit for other people's work. Another faux pas that can get you fired is acting ungrateful. With unemployment at over nine percent, this is not the time to whine or complain, at least not to your boss.

Not respecting the chain of command and going over your manager's head a bit too often can get you thrown out on your ear. Also, being a wallflower at work. Without being obnoxious, speak up and share your ideas with your higher-ups. And don't share too much time with your office's resident complainers, non-performers and gossips.

Also never advisable is to never take responsibility when things go wrong at work. Think of former Congressman Weiner as a cautionary tale. Experts advise if you do something stupid on the job, don't lie about it, because the truth with eventually come out.

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