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The buzz at the beach: Why are there so many flies?

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Flies at the beach -- that's normal. But people there say there are just too many flies being more of a nuisance than usual.

The buzz around Mission Beach is the influx of flies that have taken over trash cans and even homes along the boardwalk.

"They are bothersome, they attack you when you go by," a resident said.

Residents in the area say this year has been the worst when it comes to the fly infestation, and they have a few theories as to why it might be happening. Some blame changes in the trash pick-up schedule.

"The flies are really bad. They banned the alcohol, don't have all people coming to get the cans, so trash overflows," a resident said.

Others believe the heat and humidity is driving the flies indoors. Then there are those who blame their pooch.

"I have no idea what it's from, my dog pooping all over the place? I'm not sure," a resident said.

We called the city to see if officials there had an explanation as to why the flies were out in full force at Mission Beach. It seems they also don't know what the problem is. But it's still a problem for residents, who are using fly traps and other methods to get rid of the pesky insects.

"We got fly swatters and we had to drive out up the 15 at a WalMart to get a fly swatter because none of the local places had any out here," a resident said.

But really, can you blame the flies for wanting to be near the sun and sand?

"You want to leave your doors and windows open so that your house can cool off during the day and you end up letting a bunch of flies in," resident Josh Wolf said.


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