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Matt's Blog - Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

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The 3-Day is getting closer, and training more furious - and of course the pre-cursor to the 3-Day is the Komen Race For The Cure in Balboa Park.  That was held this morning.  Here at KFMB, we like to greet the walkers, runners, and volunteers early - so when I arrived this morning right at sunrise, you can see a little of the sun's rays already shining on the tops of these clouds.  Note how empty this bridge is in Balboa Park at 6:15am.  That won't be lasting long!

Our set-up.  We had magnets and bandanas to give away this year, and although we've had some winter-like weather this week (and weekend) the showers were holding off for at least the start of this event.  You'll see the sky is still looking pretty nice, with just a few fair weather clouds this morning.  Temperatures were in the low 50s, so it wasn't too cold, either.  All in all, perfect weather for the event this year.

One of the really great things about meeting everyone at these events (besides everyone making an effort to make a difference and cure cancer, of course!) is that you get to see new friends - and old friends.  And a few who stop by to tell you they've got a communal friend ("we both know Becky!").  This is Nancy - who I met for the first time at least year's Race For The Cure.  So many smiling faces so early in the morning.

Your M of C for the morning:

And what a great crowd!!

All of the News8 personalities were present this morning, some with family in tow.  It was especially nice to see some of the morning crew, as of course they work completely different shifts than I do.  I mean, I do take paper clips from their desks at work, but that's about the extent of the contact we have outside of my seeing them at the Race For The Cure.

Once underway, things got a bit more cloudy:

Here's the bridge in Balboa Park - the same one as before at 6:15am when it was empty.  Quite crowded 14 minutes into the race, and a special thanks to all the volunteers (you'll see a few of them on the left side of the screen holding out water for the walkers and runners).

It was quite nice to see these cheerleaders keeping us going, too!

Of course, by the time I had gotten to the bridge this time, there were already some of the timed runners who were making their way along 163.  This highway is blocked off for the Race For The Cure participants, and the really fast people were already exiting to go uphill and back into the park.  Wait, is that Kyle Kraska down there?

Last I heard, 11,800 had signed up in advance to run or walk this morning, and they were expecting another 2,500 to just show up at the start time.  That is just the most awesome part of this - so many people that are choosing to make a difference in their lives - and hopefully everyone's lives by helping to find a cure for cancer in our lifetime.
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