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Devin & Allie want a family and the simple things in life

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It's a common thing to see dads and sons throwing a ball at the park, but the10-year-old you're about to meet can only watch from across the field, and wonder if he'll ever get the chance to play ball with a dad. Meet Devin and his sister Allie who are waiting for a forever family to call their own.

Big brother Devin is always there to give his little sister Allie a hand.

"Devin seems to look out for Allie, and they just interact really playfully with each other, and just have fun conversation. They seem to have a lot of fun together," said Protective Services Worker Noreen Harmelink.

And as tough as it is to be in foster care what has kept these siblings grounded the past couple years, is having each other.

"They've been together their whole lives, so even since being separated from the rest of their family it's been the two of them," noted Harmelink.

They've learned to take on this world together. Balancing fun with focus, with no parents around to guide them day-to-day, Devin has taken it upon himself to make sure Allie stays on track, which includes making sure she knows to do her homework.

And Allie appreciates being able to count on Devin.

"He helps me find out things that I don't know," she said, also adding that she loves him "until the end of the world."

But Devin, who just turned 10-years-old, needs someone to look out for him, parents to give him and his seven-year-old sister the love and support they deserve.

"For him, having a father is really going to be huge," added Harmelink.

It broke my heart to hear that when Devin goes to the park to play, he gravitates toward dads who are playing with their kids.

"He'll stand nearby and be watching, so I think he's really longing for that relationship and somebody to give him that attention and be proud of him," Harmelink continued.

As for Allie her shirt says it all:

"Lots of love, is that what you need."

Lots of love and time with family, doing the things they enjoy, such as basketball, going to the pool and baking cookies.

Such simple things in life that Devin and Allie can only dream of doing with a mom and dad, as they wait for a forever family.

If you are interested in adopting from foster care, or becoming a foster family, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U to learn more about getting started or go to their website to take that first step and fill out an adoption form.

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