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"Eye On The Sky"

So here we are. The Race For The Cure is now behind us and we are in the home stretch for this year's Komen 3-Day Walk.  I'm ready.  I have been training for months - either hiking the hills or hitting the treadmill - and my feet feel good. There's just one minor distraction... the weather.

Last year we had a major storm on day 2 and it presented a challenged most of us had never faced in the 60 mile trek.  Between the wind, rain and cold temperatures that second day seemed like 60 miles in itself.  It also resulted in a whole new topic of conversation at the end of the day... "secrets to staying dry". 

Keeping your feet dry is key.  But in years past the focus was sweat-proofing your feet. Good socks, antiperspirant spray, power, whatever works.  This time, however, the moisture was attacking from the outside.  I think the best tip I heard, although I have yet to try it, was putting plastic bags over your socks before putting your shoes on.  The idea is to let your shoes get wet but focus on keeping your feet dry... which seems more realistic that keeping the shoe dry as well.  Then there's the issue of rain gear.  Last year I didn't have any and had to rely on those amazing volunteers handing out the plastic yellow ponchos.  Those will do in a pinch, but proper rain gear takes water-proofing to a whole new level.  So who was smart enough to have such rain gear on hand.  Matt Baylow!  Of course our Chief Meteorologist was more than a step head of me on this one.  It was my 7th walk, his first, and there he was decked out like a pro making the storm seem like a Spring mist (to me anyway...).

So this year the shoes are secondary.  I'm focused on the rain gear!!  But while we are talking about it... please feel free to respond to this blog with your own stay-dry tips for the possibilty of a soggy stroll.  I'd love to hear them!
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