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Matt's 3-Day Blog: Day 3

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Day 3! After 40 miles, it's the last time to get out and see San Diego by foot - the third day of the Komen 3-Day. The journey, for all of us, was about to wind up. Bittersweet, in that the journey to get to where we were this 3rd Day has been amazing and yet is coming to an end. It would be great if this really was the end of the journey for us - but until a cure for cancer is found, it's a journey that will need to be repeated.

Last year, day 3 was rain-filled. . .and this year, the forecast was for some light showers. Heavier rain would show up just in time for the Closing Ceremonies, but the cloudy skies and blustery conditions were not what we had experienced on days 1 or 2 this year.

The last chance for photos at the start line - and pretty much everyone took advantage.

This is the sort of hair I'd like to be sporting for this event, and yet somehow I don't think they would let me get away with it. Perhaps next year I'll give it a try.

Even the simplest costuming was elegant - and carried off nicely!

It was clear that many of the walkers had put in some time putting together their headgear.


This was another scene that was unfamiliar with this year's 3-Day until now. Rain gear! There was the expensive stuff - and the less expensive stuff - but everyone was prepared for what was yet to come out of the sky.

A shot of the crowd from the Crowne Point area.

Someone in Mission Beach watering the sidewalk for us. And during such a rainy period of the year! San Diegans should have their sprinklers off right now, with all this rain we've been having.

This is a support van. There was a team of several people from the DHL company. This support van appeared to be their own support van - which had coffee, snacks, etc., probably a masseur, small jacuzzi, who knows? But when this van would pull up to one of their walkers, I thought maybe someone from KFMB could drive the MicroClimate Weather Van (or equivalent) around for Barbara-Lee and myself. . .or any of the Buddies 4 Life walkers.

While this 3-Day was again blister-free for me (I've been very lucky with blisters), one of the ligaments around my left knee was not so nice. I was in such a hurry to motor through on Friday, I think I pulled a ligament that day. Day 2, around mile 13, I started to feel very sore on the back of the left knee, and then overnight Saturday night I was up every two hours to ice it. This was one of those cases where I almost didn't want to do Day 3 because it hurt so bad. But I learned a valuable lesson during this year's 3-Day, and that lesson was of determination needed to achieve a goal. When I started Day 3, I knew I would have to be going very, very slowly. . .and anyone who has ever seen me on the sidewalk - or the freeway - knows I don't like to be passed. So this Day 3 was very difficult in that regard! Plus, I was in pain. But I will tell you this: digging deep, to get the determination needed to make it through the last 20 miles today, that was just a small taste of the determination needed by those who are diagnosed with breast cancer - or any cancer, for that matter. Their determination to get to their goal is incredible. Today, I felt a little bit of that.

At Pit Stop 2, the PT person was nice enough to rub the knee and put a bandage on it; this helped, but didn't make it completely go away. Next year I will effort to not be so hurried on Day 1. (What makes it difficult for me is that on Day 1, after walking 20 miles, I still have to go into work!)

This was down the San Diego River, where we walked a few miles to make our 20 on Day 3. The showers stayed away for the most part, although there were a few sprinkles here and there.

A friend of mine met up with me downtown.

This was arriving at the finish line - after 60 miles, a great crowd was there to cheer us on! Besides all the wonderful people that were raising money to walk during this 3-Day, I have to say the crowds along the walk that were there to support us were fantastic. Last year, the heavy, steady rainfall kept most supporters at home. . .but this year, groups of supporters were everywhere on all three days, including here at the end of an amazing journey.

I'm hoping to do the 3-Day again next year with my cohort in crime.

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