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Success Story: Local family really did adopt 8

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For this Father's Day, we have an Adopt 8 first. We share with you an Adopt 8 success story from the perspective of children, who are now adults. Meet this local family who adopted their first child four decades ago.

It's been a while since this family of 10 has taken a group photo and almost all of them made it to our Adopt 8 success story shoot. Only their brother Brent was missing. He's working in Korea, so they'll just Photoshop him in the picture.

It's the first time we've featured a family made up entirely of Adopt 8 kids who are all grown up.

Parents Lance and Linda really did Adopt 8.

It was 40 years ago, when infertility issues led Linda and Lance down the path to adoption, and they have never looked back.

"As a child, I always wanted a large family and I read the book the family that nobody wanted, and I thought, this was my passion, this is what I'm going to do," said Linda.

First they adopted Drew at the age of six months.

"It was a great experience growing up, it was chaos, all through high school. Being the oldest, there was always a ton of kids," said Drew.

Next came Sarah:

"With a family this size you learn to take everything with a sense of humor," she said.

Brittany and Meghan are the youngest two.

With eight kids, and sometimes a few foster kids in the mix, it could also get pretty crowded.

The family tells me that it's fun to sit around talk about the old days:

"Yes it is, we laugh all the time and I'm really proud of my kids because they've all exceeded any expectation I had, "explained Linda. "Four of our eight were special needs, and the son who isn't here, he was a three pound preemie."

Jennifer says she couldn't have asked for a better life, after having been abandoned in an apartment closet in downtown San Diego.

"I love my parents with all my heart," she said.

Jana, who is now a mother of three, is also so grateful for their parents love and support, saying:

"They've done so much, I've had special needs and they've taken care of my needs. They sent me to the best camps, the best schools. They've done so much, and I can never thank them enough, you know?"

And Kyle has beaten all odds.

"Kyle was a shaken baby, and he's just been a miracle, because they didn't expect to walk, and talk and be a real normal person and here he is, he's wonderful,"

"I love them. I'm glad I was adopted to a good family," Kyle said.

Lance and Linda, who now have seven grandkids to keep them busy, say the need for adoptive families is as great as ever and hope that by sharing their story others will be inspired to adopt and change the course of a child's life.

"Some folks will say, well you don't treat adopted children as your own, that's nonsense. They're absolutely your own children. Absolutely, just no question," said Lance.

"Some people who apply to adopt, they want to go in and have all these perfect characteristics," continued Linda. "I want to prove that it's worth it to put a lot of effort in all children and treat them as individuals and you can have success stories that will enrich your life."

If you're interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

To meet other children in foster care and discover how you can help restore their hope, please click here.

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