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How close are Hostess knockoffs to the real thing?

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - It looks like a Twinkie, it smells like a Twinkie, but does it taste like a Twinkie?

After we said goodbye to Hostess, a number of companies have stepped in, doing everything they can to fill the void left behind.

We learned that if you show up with a box of something that looks like Twinkies, you quickly make friends. But with the originals now a thing of the past we wondered, are these just as good?

Rachel Yslas loved her Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Sno Balls too.

"I am probably the reason why Hostess stayed in business, and then I went of a diet and Hostess went out of business, because of me," she joked.

That makes Rachel the perfect person to try our Twinkie twins, knockoffs that recently hit store shelves.

Rachel says they're just not the same. When we handed out samples at the Old Town Trolley Station, it quickly became clear that nothing even comes close to the creamy goodness of the original.

You CAN still buy them on eBay -- for $20 a box. Our alternatives ran about $3, and despite a belief that Twinkies never go bad, they really only have a shelf life of 25 days.

Rachel was most impressed with these simulated Sno Balls we bought at Walmart. They were the runaway hit of our copycats, followed by Little Debbie's duplicate of the Ding Dong.

Little Debbie's cupcakes, which actually outsold Hostess' version, also got high marks. But our faux Ho-Hos only got an average score...

"They'll never compare to Hostess, but it's pretty close to it," Rachel said.

Bottom line, Hostess holds a special place in our hearts. And while these originals may be gone, there's not a Sno Ball's chance we'll forget them.

"Whoever invented Hostess, I love you so much. And I'm mad at them they went out of business," Rachel said.

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