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CBS This Morning: Eye-Opening Women: Caroline Kennedy

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(CBS News) - On CBS This Morning, Caroline Kennedy announced that the 2013 recipient of the JFK Profile in Courage Award is Gabrielle Giffords.

Kennedy on notifying Giffords: "It was really, you know, heartwarming or touching for me - it was a really emotional thing for both of us"

Excerpts and video of the interview are below.

O'DONNELL: Who is this year's recipient?

KENNEDY: Well, this year—are we going to announce it?


KENNEDY: Well, this year, we're really— we had our big discussion on it last week, and it's Gabrielle Giffords.

ROSE: Oh, wow, what a choice.

KENNEDY: Yeah, so it's really—

KING: Why her?

KENNEDY: Well I think it's one of the things that really, obviously everybody knows of her tremendous, incredible courage, but the fact that she went through this obviously horrendous tragedy, and has recommitted herself to the political process. I think it's something that is really inspiring, and obviously for anybody in public life who's willing to do that, because it is tough these days in the sense for people, just in their own lives, to see that kind of courage in somebody who is just willing to persevere and keep fighting, no matter what happens. There is something to believe in.

KING: Now the people who've been nominated, Caroline, do they know they are in the running? Or do they—you call them and they pick up the phone and it's you on the other end of the line?

KENNEDY: Yeah, pretty much.

KING: Really?

KENNEDY: Pretty much. I have this—it was such a wonderful conversation with her. She was really—it was really, you know, heartwarming or touching for me. It was a really emotional thing for both of us. And she was really thrilled. And I think that apparently she, you know, has read the book over the years, and really obviously is a tremendous political, you know knowledgeable–

ROSE: She showed political courage and personal courage, too. You know?

KENNEDY: Right, right.


O'DONNELL: Can we talk about politics, you were co-chair of President Obama's campaign, there's a lot of talk, perhaps, about Hillary Clinton running in 2016. We have been focusing on eye-opening women all this week, would you like for her to run?

KENNEDY: I think that would be great. Yeah, I mean obviously she has to make the decision that's right for her, but she is an incredibly inspirational figure.

KING: Would you support her candidacy?

KENNEDY: Well, sure. I mean, the more people who run for President, I think that's great. I think—

ROSE: Yeah, Hillary is one thing. How about you?

KENNEDY: Yeah, Hillary really is one thing, and that is a completely different thing.

ROSE: No, you're not.

KENNEDY: No, I'm not running for President.

KING: You know, Caroline, you know there are rumors about you?


KING: There are rumors about you, shall we say, as Charlie said earlier, Madame Ambassador, does that have a ring to it to you?

KENNEDY: I don't know, it seems to have a ring to all of you. Nobody, I mean, it is early, and I remain an incredibly strong supporter of the President, and you know I think service is important, and I would love to serve in any way, and I try to do that here in New York.

KING: Okay, Caroline, good, good, good.

KENNEDY: So no one has asked me, if that's what you really want to know.

KING: Yes. No one has asked you. Are you interested?


KING: Okay, all right.

O'DONNELL: Do you like Japan or Canada better?

KENNEDY: What? I don't know, which is closer to 57th Street? You know you are.

ROSE: Yeah, but at one time—

KENNEDY: Anything is great. It's all great. And there's a lot to do here in New York as well.

ROSE: Exactly—and you haven't ruled out elective office either?

KENNEDY: I'm not ruling out anything right now.

ROSE: Exactly, very good.

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