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The piercing question: how young is too young?

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It can be a controversial topic among parents: how young is too young to get your daughter's ears pierced.

Now there's a new, pain-free alternative to pierced earrings that's designed for young girls.

Jessa is having a ball wearing her big girl earrings. She's had them since she was three-months-old.

"No, it's not too young at all. It's a perfect age because they don't know what it is. So it's perfect. She loves it," said Adela Hofmann a grandparent.

But other parents are planning to slide the earring age out, at least for a while.

"I don't know if - she's 5 - I don't know if we'd let her do it now, but the idea is when she's ready to ask for them and say I want them for whatever possible reason - that's when we're ok with letting her have them," said parent Ken Bristow.

We came to my wife's indoor play center with the earring debate, because a public relations company sent us Poppy Drops - temporary earring tattoos.

We put some on the daughter of our morning executive producer a few days ago and he says she loves showing them off.

But parents here – weren't as impressed, saying:

"If you want earrings - why not just get earrings. I don't get the tattoos. I guess I'm not opposed to a hole in the ear - it's the adornment - so if you're going to have something in an ear - it should be an earring."

If you are going to pierce your child's ears, Pediatrician Shakha Gillin says there are some medical concerns she likes to share with parents:

"It's always nice to get a couple tetanus vaccines in - so that's DTAP and six months is nice for that and the Hepatitis B is in by then."

Dr. Gillin also wants to make sure parents know that earrings are a choking hazard until a child is three-years-old. That's not to say they should wait that long, but you need to understand the risks.

As for the Poppy Drops, she actually sees them as a good option for older kids - in the 8 to 10 range - who maybe aren't ready for the real thing.

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