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Ryan's success story

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For many parents, having one boy and one girl would make a complete family, but not for one local couple. They wanted a third child and chose to expand their family through adoption.

"It's really been incredible for me."

That's how 17-year-old Jacob describes having a little brother. Ryan is almost a decade younger.

"I really do get to take care of him and see him grow up, babysitting him, driving him places, doing all the things my parents got to do for me," continued Jacob.

And just like a parent, Jacob didn't mind being on the losing end of a good water fight at Boomer's San Diego.

Eight-year-old Ryan was just a toddler when he joined his forever family and doesn't remember any other life.

But for big sister Sofia, who's 13 now, she recalls there was definitely an adjustment period, saying:

"It was a big change for me because I'd always been the youngest and all of a sudden I was the middle and only girl. It was really great to see him and have a little sibling and I sort of got a taste of what he had for a while."

So how did they become a family of five?

"I really had a hunkering for a third child," said Allison.

But Allison faced some reservations from her husband Dan:

"I wasn't dying for a third child, I felt like I had two beautiful kids. I had a boy and a girl. I was very lucky and that was great."

Though he did come up with one alternative.

"He sort of said the way he felt he could get excited about a third is if we were to adopt so it was really his idea," said Allison.

"I just felt like if we were going to have a third, there's plenty of kids who don't have homes," noted Dan.

They turned to San Diego County Adoptions and say the road was bumpy at times.

"It was a learning experience, that's for sure. It was long, tedious, frustrating and all the things you'd think of a bureaucracy but there's reasons for everything and I certainly learned a lot just going through the process," continued Dan.

And in the end - the payoff was well worth the wait.

"We sort of all said we're going to hold hands and jump off this cliff that's the best analogy to me that's what I would say to any family is jump and enjoy the ride, it's indescribable," added Allison.

If you're interested in adopting, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U during regular business hours.

News 8 would also like to thank Boomers San Diego for hosting a fun-filled day at the park.

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