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Hannah Anderson answering online questions again; hints she was handcuffed

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Hannah Anderson (Instagram) Hannah Anderson (Instagram)
Hannah Anderson (Ask.fm) Hannah Anderson (Ask.fm)
Hannah Anderson recently posted on her Instagram page this photo of an embrace with her homecoming date. Hannah Anderson recently posted on her Instagram page this photo of an embrace with her homecoming date.

Lakeside, Calif. (CBS 8) -- Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson is once again answering questions on the web site Ask.fm, providing new details about her alleged kidnapping, and the deaths of her mother and brother.

During one online exchange, the 16-year-old insinuated that family friend James DiMaggio had handcuffed her during the ordeal, which is why she could not escape.

An online individual using the name Wanda Rivera asked Anderson the following fragmented question on Sept. 30:

"I don't want to be rude or anything but something I always want to ask you is, why when the horse riders see you for first time, you say oh oh we in trouble now? Or why when you was in the car alone you never run, he never have you handcuff or anything."

Anderson responded, "How do you know he never had me handcuffed? Because there you are wrong. Don't assume things you don't know. Just stop."

The teen also posted that she had read the San Diego County Medical Examiner's autopsy reports on her mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and younger brother, Ethan Anderson, 8, while she was at school.

"I know I'm in shock. I found out about the autopsy at school and I read it. I felt so sick I almost went home. I was crying all day," Anderson wrote on Sept. 28.

Anderson posted that she had considered transferring from El Capitan High School to Patrick Henry High School, but later decided against the move.

Another online user asked Anderson why she was carrying a Starbucks drink at her mother's funeral.

User: What was the story behind the star bucks at the funeral that everyone keeps talking about?

Anderson: My friend randomly showed up with Starbucks and I guess she got me one.

User: lol with that (S)tarbucks incident alot of people flipping out over that....i bet ur friend felt bad that u were getting accused and all just cuz of a dang starbucks.

Anderson: Yeah it's stupid what was I suppose to do.? Just throw it away when she gave it to me.? People just find the littlest reasons to bash on me.

Anderson initially started answering questions online just 48 hours after FBI agents shot and killed DiMaggio, 40, in Idaho on Aug. 10, but she suddenly shut down the site following news media reports on her postings.

The teen began answering questions again three days ago.

User: whats your most special moment with your mom?:)

Anderson: We would sneak out some nights at like 1 in the morning to do our little mcdonalds run for a late night snack. It was funny. We would pretend to be secret agents ahaha. And then just vent to each other in the car.

UserDo you have any memories with your brother?

Anderson: Oh gosh a bunch. Like we used to pretend to be WWF wrestlers and wrestle in the living room. And mom would be the crazy fans and id always let Ethan win.(: ahaha so cute.!

Since her rescue, Anderson has continued to post photographs on her Instagram account, including recent pictures of her homecoming date at El Capitan High.

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