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Interviews reveal inconsistencies in Hannah Anderson case

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Two months after a manhunt helped authorities track down Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson, she's revealing new details about the man who allegedly kidnapped her and killed her mother, Christina Anderson, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan.

In an interview on the Today Show, Hannah Anderson described when she first learned that family friend James DiMaggio had an evil plan for her.  But the teen's interview also revealed apparent inconsistencies in her story.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Anderson took to the national airwaves Thursday morning to speak again about her alleged kidnapping at the hands of DiMaggio.

"He seemed crazy, yeah. It was really scary. You could tell in his eyes… really scary," she said during the interview.

The teen said things got weird for her after the 40-year-old picked her up at a cheerleading camp and drove her to his Boulevard home in the late afternoon of August 3.

"The point where I realized that something was wrong is when we go to his house and my mom's car wasn't there," she said.

However, in this video reviewed by News 8, Christina Anderson's Chevy Blazer is at the Boulevard home, parked next to the main house, which DiMaggio allegedly set on fire using timed, arson devices. The vehicle's hazard lights are seen blinking in the video.

"He drugged me and I was out, then I woke up in Idaho," Hannah said during the interview.  "So I don't remember anything between there."

Anderson said DiMaggio made her take couple of Ambien pills to knock her out during the long drive to Idaho. She said the last thing she remembers is being handcuffed and bound with zip-ties at the ankles on the couch inside DiMaggio's East County home.  She said she did not remember getting into DiMaggio's vehicle.

But in a previous interview on Dateline NBC, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said both Hannah and DiMaggio were "awake" when they were captured on surveillance video as they passed through a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Pine Valley at midnight.

Sheriff Gore told Dateline NBC the surveillance images show, "him and her, kind of, reclining back in the seat; you know, awake.  And at that time they were heading west."

Finally, just minutes before agents moved in and shot DiMaggio to death in the Idaho wilderness, Hannah said he was trying to create a signal, which seems to contrary for someone who had just spent seven days running from the law.

"He was trying to start a fire to signal for help.  Then all of a sudden the fire wasn't working.  So, I told him, I said well I read in a book that if you fire a gun in the air three times that means S-O-S.  So, he went to fire it once and I was watching him.  And, then he fired it the second time but he like lowered it.   Then a bunch of guns went off and I looked and he fell on the ground,"  Hannah said.

In her interview, Hannah Anderson never explained who DiMaggio was trying to signal, or why.

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