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Digital detox: When your technology is taken away

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Over the past two decades, using cell phones, maintaining social media sites and checking the internet have all become things we're accustomed to. Perhaps some of us have even become addicted.

But what would happen if that was all taken away from you?

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm obsessed with my phones, from checking emails to Facebook and Twitter. I rely on them to not only help me with work, but also to get me through my day, which is exactly why I was the perfect candidate for this experiment.

The initial seizure made me incredibly uneasy. There's even a term for the way I felt.

"It's called fear of missing out -- FOMO," SDSU assistant professor Rebecca Nee said.

Some of Nee's students experienced FOMO when she had them stay away from social media and the internet for an entire weekend. In other words: digitally detox.

"Many of them found they were very anxious, they had a lot of anxiety. Some people get depressed," Nee said.

We asked other students if they were willing to take on a similar challenge.

"I walk away and I get an itchy feeling. I can't check my social media. I'd love to, but I can't," one student said.

"I think I could. I like talking in person, but it would be really difficult," another said.

Back to me, getting by without access to everything I've grown accustomed to forced me to do things a bit differently.

First step, figuring out how to use a real map instead of GPS. Next, finding a way to contact my producer, which means having to find a pay phone. We drove around for what seemed like forever, hitting spots including outside the county jail and the Santa Fe Depot. No luck, until we got a tip to try First and C Street.

But how do you research a story without using the internet? That's where the library comes in.

Instead of taking notes in my phone, which I normally do, I grabbed a pen and paper.

In the end I survived, minus a few emotional setbacks along the way. If asked to do it again, I could, though I can't think of a reason why I'd want to.

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