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Coffee with the Candidates: Mike Aguirre

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  • San Diego Special Election

    San Diego Special Election

    A special election for the city of San Diego will take place on February 11, 2014. Check out related stories, videos and links on CBS 8's resource page. 
    A special election for the city of San Diego will take place on February 11, 2014. Check out related stories, videos and links on CBS 8's resource page. 

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The special election to choose San Diego's next mayor is just one week away.

But just how well do you know the four major candidates?

In a series of special reports called "Coffee with the Candidates" -- CBS News 8 sits down with the top candidates and asks them questions posted from viewers on our Facebook page. 

Tuesday, former city attorney and San Diego mayoral candidate, Mike Aguirre, invites us into his Mission Hills home to help us, help you get to know him better.

His two dogs Woodrow and Winston greeted us at the door, along with is fiance, Anna. Woodrow is quite the media hound like his father.

We asked Aguirre questions from our CBS News 8 viewers:

-Kim H. asked, "Yea or nah on the convention center expansion and the Chargers getting a new stadium?"

-"The Chargers have done something incredible, they have proposed a joint use. What that means is we would take the expansion at the convention center and integrate that with a stadium. So the Chargers want to put this on the ballot, I support it going on the ballot. This is a decision for the people of San Diego to make," Aguirre said.

-Rene Angulo asked, "What are you going to so about the homeless population in Downtown?"

"The homeless population, unfortunately, isn't just about downtown. We have 10,000 homeless people. If I'm Mayor, I'm going to ask the council to commit to providing shelter for the homeless, but to take it to the next step and also use case workers so we can categorize the homeless," Aguirre said.

-Mike Carter asked, "How will you generate revenue for the city without raising taxes?"

"What I want to do is recognize we don't have enough money for the essential things we need for fire, police protection, for our roads to keep our libraries and rec. centers open. I want to get the community deeply involved in a very public way and make that decision together," Aguirre said.

"Will it be a priority to improve streets and sewer systems?"

"Fighting the pensions at the highest possible level, we're not even maintaining the streets and roads. Those are going to become a priority," Aguirre said.

El Caviteno Ignacio asked, "Are you willing to work without pay or kickbacks?"

"I think Ignacio has got a point there. Yes, I'm prepared to work without kickbacks, I can't make it without pay. I use to be able to say that, but I put so much money into politics that I'm going to have to draw my salary, but I think Ignacio should call me, maybe he knows something I don't," Aguirre said.

"What is your plan to bring in more local jobs?"

"I want to go forward with every effort we can for the Olympics. And if we could get our economy working together on both sides, it's going to have a very explosive, positive effect on job opportunities in our region," Aguirre said.


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