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CBS News 8's Steve Price attempts to get out of town

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Between the bad weather in the east and an estimated 43 million people trying to get home for Thanksgiving, we wondered just how hard is it to book last-minute holiday travel.

Nasty weather across the nation. Thousands of flights delayed and others cancelled. But I'm determined to make it from San Diego to New York, leaving first thing Wednesday.

"Good luck, that's what I'll tell you," travel agent Bobbie Findlay said.

Findlay has gotten me out of some tough spots before.

"People go Wednesday, people go Sunday," she said.

That's her nice way of asking me, what are you doing booking a flight now for two of the busiest travel days of the year?

"If you look on the computer right now, they show availability, higher prices, that the airlines will be operating tomorrow," she said.

For $1,000, Bobbie can get me a round trip ticket. But with a storm barreling down on New York as we speak, there's no guarantee I'll actually get there. She called Delta to ask about the weather.

"Most people are being proactive and saying I want to go (Tuesday night) rather than (Wednesday)," a Delta employee said.

Delta is one of several airlines that announced Tuesday they're temporarily waiving ticket change fees to allow customers an opportunity to navigate around the storm.

"You need to be creative," Bobbie said.

She says if your flight is cancelled, don't just look for new flights to your exact destination. Maybe you'll get there a lot faster by flying somewhere close and renting a car.

"You know, if you're willing to drive 4 to 5 hours, there's a lot of opportunities for you," she said.

And if your airline doesn't have any open seats on later flights, ask the agent if they have agreements with other airlines.

"But do it with a smile, because their people behind the counter are harried too," Bobbie said.

If you're waiting in a long line at the airport to change your ticket, while you're standing there, try calling the airline on your cell phone. Chances are good you'll get through to someone faster, giving you a better chance to get on the next flight.


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