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In a flash! Man captures amazing lightning photo

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CHULA VISTA (CBS 8) - Sometimes it just takes being in the right spot at the right time to capture something that's rarely seen in San Diego. A local photographer snapped an electrifying photo that has everyone talking.

Photographer Eddie Flores is addicted to capturing memorable moments. Whether it's his niece Melanie carrying colorful balloons, or wedding and family portraits, something about photography and Eddie just clicks.

"It's just kinds of crazy how it's like a time capsule in a sense. You're really freezing that moment and you can go back whenever you want, again and again," he said.

You may notice Eddie is filled with energy, so it's easy to understand why he started chasing it in the form of lighting bolts.

It was a stormy night in November when Eddie chased a storm for about 20 miles until he got the shot.

"It was just perfect timing, right place, right time. That lightning just hit and I showed it to everybody instantly on Facebook. My brother didn't believe me, a couple of people were like, 'you didn't take that' and I was like yes I did," he said.

Eddie says the secret to shooting something as fast as lightning is knowing how to slow your camera down.

"Basically what it means is you have a long shutter speed and it's open for a long exposure… it's on for 20 seconds. Because if you time it, it's impossible," he said.

While chasing the storm, Eddie drove to his fiancee's house, where he says his love for Elizabeth hit him like a lightning bolt.

"I honestly believe that when you find that right person, you just know it," Eddie said.

Standing side by side, Eddie and Elizabeth, who together take thousands of pictures every month, captured lightning in a bottle.

"It was a really good feeling because it was something new. It was kind of awesome," he said.

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