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Wet and windy weather causes messy road conditions

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Heavy rain and strong winds hit San Diego County again Saturday, along with some big waves.

The powerful storm that started Friday moved across the area and left all kinds of damage in its path – like flooding, which has been a problem in Mission Valley.

There were also weather-related accidents on local roadways, including some on SR-163.

"Today there were three different crashes all involving too much speed for the conditions which is a wet road way," said Officer Alex Pereira.

And it wasn't just the roadways the rain affected. As a precaution, Crystal Pier was closed as big waves moved in.

"We had probably the biggest storm we had all season move through the area. There were several bands of precipitation, including thunderstorms that rolled through the area," said Cindy Palmer with the National Weather Service.

Palmer is a forecaster for the National Weather Service and says it wasn't just the rain that packed a punch.

"Down here in San Diego County our biggest impacts were the winds. We had several trees that were knocked over by thunderstorms from the winds we were having that were taking out power and that kind of thing," said Palmer.

Downed trees were easy to come by and it's what they fell on that made some say wow. In Kearny Mesa, a big branch landed on a Lamborghini.

Not too far away away, the wind was so strong it snapped off a large metal sign at a car dealership and a Cadillac Escalade was on the receiving end of that one.

"I was just worried about all the cars we have in the front worth 100,000. I checked those first and no one was hurt so we were ok," said sales manager, Paul Amini.

Wind, rain, Palmer says you can expect more of it Saturday night.

"We'll be seeing moderate showers with periods of heavy rainfall. There is the potential for flooding. If you have storm drains that are not clear of debris, we could see some urbanized flooding in San Diego," continued Palmer.

Cindy says you can help by clearing any debris in nearby storm drains. Also, avoid standing water. But don't worry, you won't have to be on alert too long.

"Well, it kicks out tomorrow. So we'll just have a few lingering showers, mainly up in the mountains. But we'll be dry again by Monday," Palmer said.

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