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Jellyfish invasion in Mission Bay

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - We're getting a good look at a jellyfish invasion in Mission Bay, where hundreds are washing up on shore.

"We found these jellyfish in the water and we wanted to touch them and our mom's told us these don't sting," beachgoer Keeley Harvey said.

Her mom is right -- our skin can fight off the sting from moon jellyfish. But assistant curator at Birch Aquarium Leslee Matsushige tell us if you touch a moon jelly, avoid your eyes, and the jellyfish can irritate open wounds.

Matsushige says blooms of moon jellyfish are common in Mission Bay, but in some years we don't see as many as this. However, with the recent rain there are more nutrients in the water to feed on, and with high tides, more are washing up to shore.

"We were stand-up paddle boarding and there were 30 at any given time surrounding our board as we went back and forth across the bay," a beachgoer told CBS News 8.

You still need to watch your step. The jellyfish may not sting, but they sure are slippery.

"It's like jelly, but they are squishier," Keeley said.

You can tell a moon jellyfish by its shape, which is like a moon, and its whitish tint. They are the most common and pose little if any threat. But if you are stung by a jellyfish, remember to rinse with salt water and wave down a lifeguard. If you have warm water and vinegar, use that.

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