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Blame the heat for San Diego's ant invasion

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - If you've noticed more ants at your house lately, you're not alone. Many San Diegans say they're seeing armies of the little critters.

San Diego has been hit with scorching heat, humidity and rain all of which force ants inside, because they don't want to be out in the extreme temperatures.

“It was a dark line they were that thick going all the way down this wall here,” said Frank Dettmers.

Dettmers adds that for the past few days, he's been at war:

“There were millions, crazy they were crawling all over each other.”

Six-legged creatures with enough buddies to form a giant army

“I just nailed them. I was all over those things like Rambo,” continued Dettmers. “That's the Ortho Home Defense. That's the first one I emptied. You'd think I have enough sense to buy another big one. I ended buying five of these.”

Dettmers says the infestation of ants at his home this year has been much worse than years past, and experts say Mother Nature is partly to blame.

“The warm temperatures do a couple things. One is they provide a faster life cycle for the ant so they can reproduce quicker,” explained Dr. Eric Paysen with Lloyd Pest Control.

Dr. Paysen is an ant expert and says the recent heatwave has not only caused an increase in the ant population, it's also sent them indoors, seeking relief from the scorching temperatures.

“They actually don't like it too hot. They like it about 80 and when it gets warmer than that they look for cooler places that's usually inside of a house,” Dr. Paysen added.

And the rain didn't help either.

“The heavy rains we've had can drive them inside. They like to nest in semi-moist soil that's kind of damp to the touch,” said Dr. Paysen.

Meanwhile, Dettmers says he threw everything he had at the ants trying to get inside his house.

“I was trimming that tree and I felt stuff coming up my leg. Looked down, they were crazy on me so I started whacking myself and then I went and got more Raid,” Dettmers said. “I sprayed around the window. I sprayed around the door. This is flea spray, but it kills ants I can tell you that for sure.”

His message to the unwanted little visitors:

“Get out. Go somewhere else, stay outside. You stay outside, I'll be ok with you.”

And Dettmers says the Raid seemed to have worked. He hasn't seen nearly as many ants since he sprayed around his house.

However, according to Dr. Paysen, spraying them is only a temporary fix, adding that to really get rid of them from inside your house, you may need to bring in a professional.

Most of the ants in our area are the Argentine ants and they don't bite. They tend to hibernate during the fall months and then reemerge in the spring.

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