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Escape from Cabo: local couple makes it home

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local couple is back home in San Diego after their honeymoon turned into a nightmare. 

The newlyweds were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas when Hurricane Odile struck. The storm left a path of destruction and many tourists have been stranded for days.

"It was a beautiful town turned to rubble," Daniel Montes said. 

The pictures make it clear, Hurricane Odile was absolutely devastating.

"It was something like out of a war movie. The destruction up and down the streets...vehicle's windows blown out," Montes said. 

Back home safe in San Diego, Daniel Montes and his wife Megan Criner showed CBS News 8 what it was like on the ground in Cabo San Lucas. They were on their honeymoon when the hurricane hit.

"The winds are can't describe it. It was the most horrendous sound, the feel was very scary," Criner said. 

And when it cleared, trees were all over the place, window upon window was missing, and the sides of buildings were torn off. They showed us smashed up store fronts, and a tennis court that was ripped off one building and landed on another. 

Then there was the airport.

"The airport...I use that term loosely because it's not an airport. It's just the building that used to be the airport," Criner said. 

"There were jets flipped upside down on the airport runway. That just tells you the level of wind power that went all the way inland. That it was lifting planes and putting them on their backs," Montes said. 

Forced to cut their trip short. They spent hours at that airport trying to get out.

"We tried to stay really positive and laugh and make the best of it this whole entire time but we kind of both had our breaking moments," Criner said. 

Megan and Daniel say what helped them get through it was the people of Cabo. Willing to put tourists first when many had lost their own homes.

"I feel bad for the people who were down there because they were very helpful, polite, very kind, I just kind of pray for them and hope the best for the people who are still down there. They got it much worse than us," Montes said. 

"Once they're up and running we'll be sending lots of letters and emails just to show gratuity. They were beyond amazing," Criner said. 

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