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Pool repair without all that water down the drain

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - If you need to get your pool repaired, but don't want to waste all that water by draining it, now you don't have to.

A local company says they can fix your pool while the water is still in it.

Underwater Limited's unique repairs are making a big splash during the California drought. They are able to repair rusted out rebar in a swimming pool without draining a drop of water.

"You’re saving 8, 10, 12, 14 thousand gallons of water and we have to be a part of this, otherwise this place is going to turn into a desert," says Kevin Wallace.

Kevin Wallace of Underwater Limited has actually been doing this for nearly 30 years. He says leaving the water in the pool has more benefits than conserving water. Draining the water from a pool can cause the pool to shift from the weight of the water being removed.  

Dewey McLin bought his house in Vista 6-months-ago and while pool repairs aren't cheap, he loves doing whatever he can to save the environment.

"My wife and I try to be thoughtful about our water use in this day and age. We wanted to make sure we did our part not to waste water unnecessarily," says Dewey.

While the most common pool repairs usually involve fixing rusted rebar, other common problems include plaster breaking down and cracking.

"If the pool is relatively new, it's very possible it wasn't put in properly or was built on partial fill and not compacted properly. However, most of the time it has to do with Earth movement," says Kevin.

Kevin isn’t the only underwater pool repair expert in town, but he's certainly one of the most experienced, ensuring his business won't be taking a dive anytime soon.

"Since the drought started, we have received approximately 3 times as many calls as usual," says Kevin.

If you would like more information about underwater pool repairs, click here.

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