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San Diego moms push for tougher gun laws

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A group of local moms joined San Diego leaders from both political parties push for tougher gun control laws from Congress. 

In the wake of several recent mass shootings at schools, churches and movie theaters, the moms gathered at a local park, demanding that a loophole in the existing gun law be closed. 

"We've seen Charleston, we've seen Chattanooga, we've seen Lafayette, and now we've seen Umpqua. The American people have had enough," said Carol Landale, with the Brady Campaign, San Diego Chapter. 

In light of the more than 990 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, the local Brady Campaign Chapter, and the group Moms Demand Action, stood in solidarity with Congressman Scott Peters and former Police Chief and Mayor Jerry Sanders. 

Both Peters and Sanders, signed a letter to the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives with one clear message. 

"We are asking for background checks on every single gun sale, in every single state in this country," said Landale.  

"With a background check, we're just saying listen, before you get a gun, are you someone who's shown to be mentally ill? What kind of criminal history to you have," said Congressman Peters. 

Peters is co-sponsor of a bi-partisan bill that would require universal background checks, but he said nothing will happen, unless the Speaker of the House agrees to a vote. 

"All we are saying is, just let us have a vote on this," he said. 

Peters said the bill would close a loophole. Currently, private sales made at gun shows and online are not regulated by federal law. 

Only federally licensed gun dealers must perform background checks. 

"Sixty-percent of all gun sales are done legally with a background check. That prevented 2.4 million gun sales, but 40-percent sales, just depending on the circumstances, are not part of that background check," said former Mayor Jerry Sanders. 

In California, gun laws are among the strictest in the country. 

Everyone must go through background check. Private sales must be done through a licensed dealer. There is a ten-day waiting period, and all sales are recorded by the state. 

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