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Family moves into new home, discovers giant snake

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Friday, a woman who recently moved into her new La Mesa home found an unwanted roommate coiled under her sink.

Firefighters had to be called in to collar the wayward reptile.

"I actually saw the head of the snake coming out. I didn't know what to do I was in shock I was paranoid. I started screaming" said Maricela Valoyz.

It wasn't the kind of housewarming gift Maricela Valoyz expected.

The eight-foot, 50-pound female boa constrictor beneath her kitchen sink is believed to have been abandoned by the previous tenant.

"I thought oh my God! Oh my God! This is not happening," she said.

Maricela's husband was at work while she was home alone with her two kids at the time of the discovery.

"I was afraid to get out of my house with my kids. I couldn't even get out because it was right there," she said.

Trapped because the snake was too close to the front door.

"I'd seen on the Discovery Channel they can be very sneaky," said Maricela. She called her cousin.

"She's like, - what do you want me to do? I'm scared too," said she said.

Maricela took her kids into a bedroom, and called 911.

Crews showed up quickly, and even they couldn't believe what she'd found.

According to Maricela, "they opened the door they were like, oh my God."

Animal Control stepped in and took the snake to Pet Kingdom on Sports Arena Boulevard.

"I would say she's 4-5 years old. It's a female. Males rarely get this large," said general manager, Matt Thomas at Pet Kingdom.

Thomas said the snake is a Colombian Red Tail Boa, and she's actually very gentle.

"They do have a bad reputation because it's a boa. Kind of like pit bull thing. People hear pit bull, they cringe a little. She's very docile. Someone abandoned a very good pet," he said.

Meanwhile, Maricela said she is "still a little shocked."

She said she'll be triple checking all of the doors and small spaces in her new home, crossing her fingers there aren't any more surprises.

"I'm still a little paranoid. I'm still a little paranoid, every time I come around I look around here like oh my God," she said.

The folks at Pet Kingdom said that species of snake, a Colombian Red Tail Boa is one of the most common types of snakes kept as pets.

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