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How the web changed the meaning of common words

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - As technology changes, so do the meanings of words that we use to describe new habits in our lives.

CBS News 8's Jeff Zevely has a list of words that mean something totally different today than they did before the invention of the Internet. 

Fishing used to be an enjoyable day at the lake with your father. These days, "Phishing" is a scam where you're the bait. Take for instance, a catfish, which used to be a dirty, bottom feeding fish you tried to catch. These days a "Catfish" is a dirty bottom feeding person trying to catch you.

Which could be hard to handle. You know that word right? Handle used to be part of a bag you grabbed onto.These days your "Handle" is your online screen name.  Mine on Twitter is @JeffCBS8.

Remember simpler times?  When birds used to tweet? These days, I'm required by the boss to "Tweet" at least twice a day. 

Oh, my boss would love it if you would follow me. Not home from the bus stop in a creepy way, but "Follow"me online like a friend. No, not the kind of friend you can actually touch and feel and ask to carry a couch. These days,  "Friends" are a list of Facebook contacts that either... like... or unlike... what you do.

Those types of friends like to mostly surf the web, instead of doing real things like surf waves. And speaking of things that are real, the clouds I remember used to float in the sky. These days the "Cloud" is a virtual world where we store pictures, documents and your whole life. I just hope it doesn't rain.
A mess like that would make me want to unplug.  You know the word that used to mean pull a plug out of the wall?

These days to "Unplug" means to disconnect from your phone and the Internet.  But wait, my phone just pinged. Oh, never mind.  It was just "Spam."

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