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Frightening Feline: Meet the "Werewolf" cat

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Frighteningly cute? Or just frightening? 

Take a look at the "Werewolf" cat. 

The new breed of "Werewolf" cats are not related to the hairless Sphynx cat said the original breeders. They are also not designer cats. 

There are only 57 black Lykoi cats and the demand is up, especially around Halloween. 

Though the Lykoi cat - Greek for wolf - may look creepy, it's gaining popularity across the world. 

"When you see them in person they will look in your eyes and it feels like they are almost looking at your soul. It's kind of creepy. It's magical in a way too," said Brittney Gobble, a Lykoi cat breeder. 

Lykoi cats get their "wolf" name from the partial hair around their mouth, nose, eyes, paws and belly. 

Brittney Gobble and her veterinarian husband are the original Lykoi cat breeders. 

They spoke to CBS News 8 via Skype from their office in Vanore, Tennessee. The couple started breeding by natural mutation from a domestic Shorthair in 2010. 

They said the "Werewolf" cat is healthy with no skin or heart disease. 

"We had one guy say that he was a vampire and his girlfriend was a werewolf so they needed a pet were-cat. It did not work out," said Dr. Johnny Gobble, DVM. 

Critics argue there is an overpopulation of cats that already need homes, but the Gobbles said they are breeding responsibly. 

"No kitten leaves us without being spayed or neutered. That is non-negotiable," said Brittney. 

The Gobbles said the Lykoi cat is registered pedigree with the International Cat Association. 

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