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Local Uber Drivers: You never know who's getting into the car

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Last weekend's Uber driver attack has raised questions about the security of Uber rides. 

When drivers pick up their riders, they usually do not know who they are going to meet. 

One local Uber driver said rides are typically smooth, but there are instances of drugged or drunk riders, who come into the car overly aggressive, making drivers fear for their safety. 

For the last six months, John Cetrone of North Park has been driving Uber part-time. 

"When I talk to people and they say - why do you do this? - I drive for a living and I would drive you wherever you want," he said. 

Cetrone said he has never felt in jeopardy. 

"Never felt in jeopardy. I have had a few good ones in regards to people who may have had a buzz on, or are on medication that I don't use, but I have never felt threatened," he said. 

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Last weekend, Orange County Uber driver Edward Caban was attacked by Benjamin Golden. 

Golden was a marketing manager for Taco Bell, but was fired from the company, after a video was made public showing him being intoxicated and attacking his Uber driver. 

Caban posted his assault video online from his dash-cam, showing the violent dangers Uber drivers face. 

Because of incidents like Caban's, Cetrone said he does not drive for Uber at night. 

"Before someone gets in the car, I'll sense something is right, wrong or different," said Cetrone. 

After his attack, Caban said he is done being an Uber driver. 

"I have some friends who have told me to go to Big 5 and go ahead and pick up that bottle of mace. It makes sense to be protected. I'm not carrying a gun and I don't want to, but in that kind of a situation the guy was good. He got slapped around pretty good before he got to spray the guy who was beating him up," said Cetrone. 

Cetrone has done over 400 rides in San Diego, and said a viral attack is not about to stop him. He is more cautious now when picking up new people each day. 

Uber is much more laid-back than a cab. There is no glass barrier or a meter ticketing in the front, which some say is more welcoming, yet still a risk. 

As for Benjamin Golden, he is due back in court on November 17th. The viral attack video has been viewed more than one-million times. 

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