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Trouble for real fish if everyone finds Dory

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The sequel to Disney's "Finding Nemo" is about hit the big screen and it has tropical fish lovers worried. They are afraid "Finding Dory" will lead to a run on blue tang fish in pet stores, which could endanger the fish named Dory in the wild.

Tierrasanta teenager Natalie Harris plans to picket Disney's "Finding Dory" once it hits theaters in San Diego in order to educate other children and parents about what could happen to the real-life Dory.

The success of "Finding Nemo" in 2003, led to a huge demand for orange clown fish at pet stores. In fact, some kids even flushed their "Nemo" down the toilet to set them free - just like in the movie.

"Kids fall in love with the fish not realizing what it takes to keep the fish alive and how big the fish gets and how much it eats. It's funny because the original movie is about a fish trying to escape from captivity who was captured in the wild, which ironically led to the capture of more of his kind," said Natalie Harris.

In the new film, Dory is a blue tang but unlike orange clown fish, blue tangs cannot be bred in captivity, and the movie could actually endanger the population of blue tangs in the wild.

An online petition with more than 100,000 signatures asks Disney to run a warning before "Finding Dory", urging people not to buy blue tangs as pets.

Natalie's mother supports the efforts of her daughter and together they have created their own Facebook Page to "Save Dory."

"One person can make a difference and I'm just proud of her that she wants to try to make that difference," said Mary Beth McIntyre.

The film "Finding Dory" hits local theaters on June 17th.  More information on the Save Dory campaign can be found on the CARE2 petitions web site.

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